The Charterhouse Recruitment Process

Whether it’s a temporary, contract or permanent position that you are hiring for, the process is the same – thorough, efficient, tried and tested!

Get in touch

Contact us by phone, email or upload your specification to our website. A specialist consultant will be in touch right away.​

Your requirements

We arrange an in-depth teleconference or face-to-face meeting to discuss your requirements. Ideally we would like a job description but if you don’t have one, we can help you to write one.​

Market Appraisal

We will provide you with some honest feedback about current market conditions. If there are elements of your package that don’t stack up we will tell you. We need to provide you with an honest overview to ensure we can manage your expectations.​

Your business, culture and objectives

We take the time to understand what makes your business tick, what kind of individuals will thrive in your culture and to gain a 360 understanding of your company and values.​


Whether it is one or ten vacancies, we will agree a timeplan with you and work within your timescales.​

Bespoke solutions

Our Consultants are all specialist in their markets but there are any number of methodology, process and strategies that they may utilise to attract the best candidates. They will plan the best recruitment strategy for you.​

Candidate attraction

Headhunting, industry leading internal database and software, job sites, referrals, social media, networking – these are just some of the ways in which we will find you your best fittting candidates.​


Candidates do not even make it onto our database without a 30-minute pre-registration interview to ensure they meet with our and your requirements.​

In-depth interviewing

We don’t just CV sift. Your candidate will have been interviewed by us in depth against all your specified criteria. We are also able to arrange psychometric testing and assessment centres as part of your vetting process.​


Full RTW documentation check and referencing available for your potential new employee to confirm their background and credentials.

Offer management

We will make the offer for you and secure the commitment and we hope you will come back to us next time.

Ready to talk?

Call us on 01904 629 009, or click the buttons below to register a vacancy, and a Charterhouse adviser will be in touch within twenty-four hours.

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